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Grand Rapids, Michigan

The Parish of the Holy Spirit
is a Christ-centered community
that is challenged by the Spirit to
live and spread God's word
through ministry and outreach.

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Why Adult Faith Formation?

"Faith formation is just for children, isn’t it?"
          "I graduated from religion class when I received Confirmation."
"I went through Catholic High School so I don’t need to know more."
     "I go to c
hurch every Sunday so I get all the formation I need from that."
          "I am too busy with the kids to go to a class."
               "The parish doesn’t offer anything that I’m interested in or the times don’t fit with my schedule."
"I don’t know anything about the Bible."
          "I don’t know anyone and I’m very shy."

Do any of these comments sound familiar? 
Holy Spirit Parish Journey
We have heard you and are listening. Over the past few years, a team of adults in the parish have been taking classes through the University of Dayton in order to start creating a renewed effort for adult faith formation. We will be calling this programming “Journey” because each of us is on our own journey of continued conversion to become more of the person God created us to be. Sometimes we may need the help of others and sometimes we may be the help others need. We are all teachers and learners at the same time, and we each have our own unique faith experiences to share with others. As adults, we need to share our faith and encourage the next generation of Church to continue to reach for a relationship with the Trinity. You will be seeing some interesting changes over the next few years as we implement the strategies and ideas we have learned in our classes. Some will be gradual, some immediate, and some will be continuously changing every year.We hope to offer programs and opportunities to help transform all aspects of the self- mind, body, and spirit. All programming will be aimed at not only informing the mind, but also transforming the spirit or heart, which in turn will challenge us to act with the body to live the gospel message daily.  The question, “So what?” will be a constant reminder to put our faith into action. We will be offering opportunities to come to the parish campus for large and small group gatherings as well as offering resources and ideas for at-home small group sharing or independent study and on-line activities.

Keep watching this page as we add and change our offerings.

Bible Studies:
Watch the "Journey" bulletin board (in the narthex) and this website as additional classes will become available. Contact the Religious Education Office by email or phone 616-453-1591 to reserve your copy! 

On-Campus Opportunities:

Small Group Opportunities:

MEN OF THE PARISH - Do you come to Mass on Sunday and leave thinking there must be something more? Does life seem to be going smoothly, yet you still feel you do not have it all figured out? Do you question how God fits into that plan? Maybe what you need is the opportunity to meet with other men on a weekly basis. Join us at THE NEXT STEP which meets every Tuesday morning from 6 AM - 7:20 AM in the church lounge. It may be just what you need and what God wants for your life. Questions - contact David Brady @ 581-1050 or email him.



Contact the Religious Education Office for more information or questions by email or phone at 616-453-1591.
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