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Grand Rapids, Michigan

The Parish of the Holy Spirit
is a Christ-centered community
that is challenged by the Spirit to
live and spread God's word
through ministry and outreach.

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Holy Spirit Parish has entered into a twinning relationship with a parish in Seguin, Haiti. Through a monthly collection of money and supplies the Haitian parish is supported. Through periodic visits, each parish is enriched. The Haiti Committee meets monthly and oversees all dimensions of the twinning process. New members are always welcome. Contact Tim Ryan at 616-454-9875 if you are interested in this ministry.Children in Haiti ~ Holy Spirit Parish Haiti Twinning Ministry
Haiti Facts - Did You Know:
  • Holy Spirit Parish has chosen the Parish of Seguin, Diocese of Jacmel, in Haiti as our twin parish.
  • Twinning does not refer to a cloning project, but is the linking of two parishes - one in Haiti and one in the U.S.
  • By twinning, personal relationships and spirituality will be enhanced, as well as helping those in need financially.
  • In our Sister Parish, the Parish of Seguin, there are 7 chapels, with a total population of approximately 30,000.
  • No chapel, except the Chapel of St. Francis (where you drive 4 hours, and walk the last hour) is accessible by car.
  • Most people in the Parish of Seguin walk an average of 2 hours to go to church!
  • There is 1 Catholic school associated with the Parish of Seguin.Haitian Women ~ Holy Spirit Parish Haiti Twinning Ministry
  • Each of these schools consistently has few supplies.
  • The Parish of Seguin cannot afford to pay the teacher’s salaries.
  • Haiti is a small country located on an island just south of Cuba.
  • Haiti’s total area is 10,579 square miles.
  • Haiti is the poorest country in the western world. 85% of its 7,000,000 residents live well below the poverty level.
  • Infant mortality in Haiti is 133 out of every 1000.
  • One child dies every five minutes in Haiti from malnutrition, dehydration, and diarrhea.
  • Only 13% of Haiti’s population has access to clean drinking water.
  • There is only one doctor for every 8,000 people in Haiti.

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